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Your Experience at the International Regrouping

International Regrouping will be led by Tiger Coll:

  • 2 One week program led by Tiger Coll.
  • Group Adventure outings in Costa Rica
  • Exclusive location in Vieques, Puerto Rico
  • Light continental breakfast and lunch
  • There are some rooms available at the venue. Please call the office at 641-454-6335 for details.
  • There will be an offsite fee of $20 per day if staying outside the venue.Those using prepaid accounts register through the office.

The first week of Tiger’s course will will focus on fulfillment and regrouping. Prerequisites: 1002A Blockage Profile and Thrust Profile. Recommended 1003A Glandular Profile.

The second week Tiger will present more advanced material this week. Prerequisites: 1003A Glandular Profile and Thrust Profile. Recommended, Universal Energy Chart Profile.

The weekends profile courses will be offered.

$3200 $4000 for both weeks
$1820 for one week

$2200 for accommodations at venue
There are 3 spots 12 spots available at the venue. If you plan to just stay one week, please call the office.

For questions call the office 641-454-6335 or email

Photos above are of the IR Location, to discover more about the venue for 202 IR Click Here.