Weekend Profile Training Courses


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Saturday, February 24
7000: Thrust Profile Training
In this consultant training you will learn to put your clients personal thrust into words and look at their thrust and how it works through their gifts, giving a better understanding of their energy in action.

7000A: Expanded Thrust Training
In this consultant training you will help clients gain deeper insight into the energy of their Thrust, better understand their purpose and learn how to strengthen putting it into action. You will explore the flow of working with your gifts and your Thrust. You will receive percentages of how you express your Thrust through each of your four gifts and how to strengthen that expression in one gift. You will regroup how you implement your Thrust through Feel – Think – Act as well as find out for one area how you can enhance the positive and discover any pitfalls in putting your Thrust into action.

Sunday, February 25
1200: Niche profile Training
In this training you will understand personal strengths and acknowledging the best way for you to be of service.

Saturday, March 2
2110 Spiritual Lessons Profile Training
This profile is about your spiritual lessons. The lessons are something core, essential to what you attract in your life so you can evolve and grow within all of your opportunities. They are something that will span everything you are involved in, from your relationships, to your business, to your person. We are going to review some of your past experiences to help identify what a core lesson is for you this life. Alternatively, this profile can also focus on a very specific experience you have had recently that you would like to understand and get more clarity on the lesson in it. We will be focusing on your direction for growth – taking the core lesson that we discovered, deciding on which opportunity or opportunities you want to practice in, and getting some steps and keys to make it practical and integrate it into your life. From my personal experience, these lessons will keep coming up in ones life in many areas until they start to get a handle on them, so this helps you identify what it is, and were it will come up so you can start working with it, master it.

Sunday, March 3
1300 Adventures of Service Profile
In this profile the client will find out about the business of being themselves: They will clarify the effects of the maze with people or the environment and define specific solutions for living affluently. They will understand how they flow through the Feel-Think-Act, and identify the strengths and pitfalls of their communication and find solutions from tuning into their thrust

20% off for first timers if they are taking either or both of the weeks of the IR.