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In Living Breath

Welcome to the International Regrouping of 2019

Whether you have been involved in these Programs for many years or have just discovered this vehicle for spiritual growth, we warmly invite you to join us on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii for the 2019 International Regrouping.

You are Energy.  You are here to Learn & Grow.  You have a unique Purpose and Thrust.  You have Guidance.  You are Free.

A Spiritual Regrouping

What is a “Spiritual Regrouping”?

Regrouping spiritually is the action of clarifying where you are, where you have been and where you’re going.  It is bringing together your life’s experiences, thoughts and feelings, to pinpoint what is building you and what is not.  It is where everything is devoted toward the Real You and your spiritual growth.  Regrouping is a spiritual need.  Without it, you can experience difficulties in pulling your energy together.  The fun and fulfillment for life can get left out.

In short, a good spiritual regrouping frees you from past limitations and advances you toward accomplishing your life purpose and achieving your goals.

At this year’s International Regrouping, you will laugh, release, heal, have fun, expand and grow.  You will dive back into the river of your true feelings, pure thoughts and positive actions … while making it all practical and a way-of-life.  You could say it’s a deep dive into rallying Your forces of greater happiness, success and abundance.  You can expect group and individual techniques, outings, team sharings, personal growth insights and challenging any limited ideas that get in your way.  This is all done in a positive environment, surrounded by sincere like-minded people, who want to grow and be successful.  If you are ready to make life more fulfilling and be part of positive change, we invite you to join us.


The Real You is needed.


For those of you who are Spiritual Wayshowers & Educators in the field and in your community, come and get your needs met with this regrouping.  We are and will be, for some time, experiencing amazing changes.  It is your thrust and sharing of the simple, practical, spiritual message that will create positive transformation.  I ask you join your brothers and sisters here and encourage them to come.  It is from this point that we are launching into freedoms we have not seen in a long time.  The need is great and you are in the right place at the right time.


You are, In Living Breath.

Join us! You will find the people who attend the “IR” are some of the most friendly and supportive people you will meet. If you’re brand new there is no need to be intimidated. We will guide you every step of the way.


This years regrouping consists of two weeks of spiritual courses and training.
Week 1: In Living Breath    « WATCH VIDEO OVERVIEW OF WEEK 1
This is the week to dive deep into your spiritual evolution and growth.  You will regroup and advance energetically for your year to come.  This week will take you on a journey of your spiritual needs, guided by the compass of your spiritual helpers and true-feelings.  This means the focus is deeper cleansing, healing blockage areas, balancing chakras and identifying & clarifying your spiritual & material success.  The format is a relaxed class environment so you can renew the pace and tone of your purpose. “It is important to know why you are doing what you are doing in order to grow without pain.  The easiest way to do this is by sharing our wisdom with others.”

Dr. Francisco Coll

Pre-Requisites: To have experienced the 1001 Orientation Profile, 1002A Blockage Discovery Profile and 1003A Percentage of Balance in the Glandular System Profiles and a ‘Thrust’ Profile (7000 or 7004) is highly recommended.

Discover More About Week 1

The techniques and content of this week will range from basic to advanced. This is the Interweaving of College resources including: Spiritual Profiles, courses and study materials, and the La Puerta Rica chakra series. In other words, you will have the opportunity to practice many of the tools, techniques and concepts needed for this coming year; energy, vibrations, concepts and ideas that will be flowing through the environment and society. By immersing yourself in the theme and energy of “In Living Breath” you fuel your journey ahead. You will be riding the wave, rather than being pulled by it. Here are a few Examples of what we will cover: Chakra healing and powers, Discovering hidden concepts, walking healings, Manifesting, Spiritual Buffer zones, Psychic service, Future-casting, Building spiritual assets and of course the practice that makes it all practical.

  • Maximize & utilize your spiritual sensitivity to be of service to yourself, and others.
  • Create your life from the powers within (instead from without).
  • Activate a higher state of your Spiritual Thrust.
  • Become a better example to people around you, through the Real YOU.
  • Evaluate the resistance in what you are reaching-for – the holding-on to what does not work.
  • Heal emotionalism (being ruled by reactions), with positive thoughts and clearer expression.
  • Be more comfortable & free with your sensitivity in what is to come – Trust and Patience in your Affluence.
  • Learn to create a new lifetime within this one – The shedding of old concepts & habits to exchange and become a new you.

This week will include outings to amazing sights and scenery around the island and a full slate of unique group activities! Additionally there will be times allotted to venture out on your own. Be sure to bring your swim gear, walking or hiking shoes and a few extra dollars for your personal outings.

Week 2: Universal Foundations    « WATCH VIDEO OVERVIEW OF WEEK 2
This week’s course & training is brand new!  It is the first of two programs that will become available to the public early in 2019′.  It is called the Foundations for Spiritual Growth.  What has traditionally taken a great deal time can now be done in a week.  While there is no substitute for time and practice, theses tools, techniques and concepts can change your life.  The College has pulled together tremendous content to make your personal foundations strong.  This allows you to continue on your journey, of personal spiritual growth, while maintaining your bigger picture and satisfying your spiritual needs.  This Program represents a new standard in personal and spiritual growth.  Regardless of your background we feel you will strengthen what you have and go deeper in what you love.  An additional benefit of experiencing Wayshowers College “Universal Foundations” is that you will become eligible to be a certified Facilitator in the New Spiritual Horizons Program; you will be able to be of service in your community.

This week is for individuals seeking to establish a core foundation of spiritual understandings, principles and tool to build on.  As grand a ship as you can have, if it has a little hole in it you will spend time bailing water out instead of sailing it.  That is a key part of what it’s all about, strengthening what you have and filling in any holes.  It makes your voyage an adventure, rather than just a venture.

It is also for spiritual educators and practitioners looking to strengthen and sharpen their own practices.  For existing and seasoned Wayshowers College Instructors and Consultants, it allows participation in the College’s new business model and eligibility to Instruct the new “Foundations I” Program.  You will be part of ushering in a new wave of opportunity as Leaders of Leaders.

Pre-requisite for Participating in Universal Foundations is to have received the 1001 Orientation Profile, 1002A Blockage Discovery Profile and 1003A Percentage in the Balance of the Glandular System Profile. Highly Recommended is to have experienced the Thrust Profile (7000 or 7004)

For Wayshowers College “Instructors” and “Consultants”, it is highly recommended to attend both weeks. At this time, to be eligible to instruct the “Universal Foundations” Program you will need to be a Consultant in the 1001, 1002A and 1003A profiles.  Contact the office if more clarification is needed.

Discover More About Week 2

In past days of these Programs, almost everyone involved would experience multiple facets of community group work (study group) sessions, courses and materials, and thus gain very strong foundations in their personal spiritual growth and leadership.

With fewer people maintaining these group work style facets, the foundation that searchers are needing tends to be somewhat  fragmented.  They are learning things piecemeal; a little here and a little there.  One might say, “They have good training, but there are some holes in that training.”

As a result we have a strong need for workshops and course experiences to reinforce strong spiritual foundation within.  For this need, “Foundations I and II” are being brought forth.

Wayshowers College Universal Foundations also provides a direct track for sincere individuals wanting to become Professional Spiritual Educators.  In other words, the College is establishing a simple but strong curriculum for Leadership.  Just as there are “steps” for our many programs, there is going to be steps for Leadership.

“Universal Foundations” at International Regrouping is the launch of these 5 day “intensive” training workshops that can be offered in the community.  It gives people the incredible training from best of study groups, courses, materials and techniques.

This week’s course & training can be taken as a participant who would like to experience the depth of spiritual knowledge and experience the College has offer, OR as a certification course as well.

For those Instructors and Consultants attending the IR 2019, you will be the first to benefit from the new business model with the College.  You will be able to retain 100% of your Program earnings. You must attend the “Universal Foundations” week if you want to begin working with the new business agreement. These trainings will lead people in a step by step way to:

  • Get solid & secure in the depth and trust with your Spiritual Helpers – Work toward your next plateau.
  • Experience the techniques that develop greater inner security – Peace that passes understanding
  • Become trained to lead group sessions and community courses – Inner leadership is freedom
  • Become solid with high spiritual standards & guidelines – Inner resolutions that attract opportunities
  • Immerse in spiritual techniques that turn work into opportunities – Right place at the right time
  • Have more fun and fulfillment in all your experiences – Do what you have come to do
  • Make your Spiritual practical and a powerful lifestyle – Happiness, success and abundance

And more …

In everything you do is an opportunity. In everything you say is a healing. In every breath you take is life & vitality. In Living Breath


Week 1 ~ February 25 to March 1, 2019
Week 2 ~ March 4 – March 8, 2019

Weekends of March 2-3 & March 9-10 are open for your own sightseeing, expeditions or adventures at the tropical ocean and beaches, and profile courses can be scheduled upon request as needed.


Kauai, Hawaii
Villas at Poi’pu kai

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For regrouping, spiritual fulfillment, certification training and growth.

February 25th to March 8th

International Regrouping 2019

Expand your Confidence, Grow Spiritually, Create your Dreams